The Municipal Administration

Your administration exists to take care of the everyday work of running a municipal government. This includes providing a variety of programs and services, based on the priorities that the council has set for the municipality. As a councillor, residents will ask you for information on the municipality's programs and services. Your most important contact is the Chief Administrative Officer.

Staying out of the day-to-day operation of the municipality allows you to concentrate on policy-making. Work with the CAO to keep informed on what the municipality is doing. You will depend on the CAO to provide you with information to make sound decisions.

CAO Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal system for the CAO is a key building block for a lasting, positive relationship between council and the CAO. Even though the current relationship may be perceived to be acceptable, a formal process is needed that requires council to provide an assessment of the CAO. Without an appropriate way to make the CAO aware of problems or inadequacies perceived by council, the relationship can quickly deteriorate. The Municipal Government Act requires that the council must provide the CAO with an annual written performance evaluation of the results achieved with respect to fulfilling the CAO's responsibilities. Further information can be found in the handout, "Performance Appraisal of a Chief Administrative Officer "available through your municipal office or Alberta Municipal Affairs.

See section 205.1, Municipal Government Act

Staff Development

Many municipalities have well established staff development programs in order to ensure that the employees are adequately trained to carry out their duties and stay familiar with new developments in the field of municipal administration. Your human resources are as important as your financial resources. A variety of educational opportunities are available for both new and experienced municipal employees. Council should encourage staff development and training in the municipality.

Organizational Chart

Ask the Chief Appointed Officer (CAO) for a copy of the organizational chart so that you understand how the municipal administration is organized. Each council must establish the position of CAO bylaw, but may appoint more than one person to carry out the powers, duties and functions of the position. The style of the organization is council's prerogative. Generally, most councils have the CAO directly responsible to them with administration reporting to the CAO.