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"Making a Difference: Cuff's Guide for Municipal Leaders Volume 1: A survival guide for elected officials"

Finally, a book that defines what municipal governance is all about. Management consultant George Cuff delivers no-nonsense advice about the appropriate roles of council members, the head of council, and the administration, discussing:

  • Orientation
  • The art of governance
  • Understanding leadership
  • Council management problems
  • Governance best practices
  • Hallmarks of successful elected officials
  • and more

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"Making a Difference: Cuff's Guide for Municipal Leaders Volume 2:
The case for effective governance"

Often, council members sense that what they are doing is adding little value to the well-being of their communities, but they are unsure as to how to make the changes or adjustments that would result in stronger, more focused leadership. In this second volume, Cuff aims to help municipal councils understand and apply the principles and techniques of effective governance, covering issues such as:

  • Leadership Tools and Processes
  • Job Descriptions of a Council, Mayor, Councillor, and
  • Chair of Committee
  • Importance of the Council-CAO Relationship
  • Establishing Council's Vision and Priorities and more

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