What you Should Know About Election Offenses

The purpose of campaigning is to convince the electorate that you are the best candidate for the position. Before you begin your campaign you should be aware that it is an offense to tamper with an election and there are penalties for tampering with an election. The following information will help you in determining what are offenses and the penalties that will occur:


It is an offence to give or promise to give money or any other valuable consideration (such as an office or a job) to anyone in return for their vote or to refrain from voting. It is also an offense to accept money or other valuable consideration in return for a vote or to refrain from voting.

Undue Influence:

It is an offence to use or threaten violence, injury, damage, or intimidation to compel a person to vote or to refrain from voting or to obstruct a person from voting.

Canvassing on Election Day

Candidates, official agents, or campaign volunteers cannot canvass or solicit votes in or immediately adjacent to, a voting station on Election Day. No campaign materials such as posters, pins, signage etc. can be displayed or distributed inside or on the outside of a building used as a voting station.

Other Offences and Penalties:

Please refer to Sections 148, 150, 152, 153, 155, and 156 of the Local Authorities Election Act.