What you Should Know About Recounts

If under the strict examination of the Returning Officer, it is felt that circumstances warrant a recount, certain procedures are then undertaken. Information contained here outlines what may justify a recount, how to make this request, and the formal process that follows.

Deciding on a Recount

The returning officer may choose to conduct a recount if:

  • a candidate, your official agent or scrutineer shows grounds the returning officer considers reasonable for alleging the count of votes at any voting station is inaccurate, or
  • the returning officer considers the number of void ballots objected to, or rejected ballots other than those on which no vote has been cast by an elector, were sufficient to affect the election had they respectively, not been counted or counted, or
  • The returning officer believes there may have been an administrative error or technical error that may cause an error in the count of votes.

If the returning officer decides that a recount should be undertaken, candidates who may be affected are notified at least 12 hours before the recount will be undertaken. The recount will be completed prior to the official posting of the results by 12:00 Noon of the fourth day after the election (20 October 2017)

Recount Application Deadline

An application for a recount under Section 98, of the Local Authorities Election Act must be made within forty-four hours of the closing of the voting stations. For jurisdictions holding an election on Monday, October 17th, 2017, it would be 4:00 P.M. Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

If a recount is authorized by the Local Authorities Election Act and the Returning Officer chooses to undertake a recount; officers the returning officer considers necessary for the count will be contacted.

Judicial Recount

Any elector may apply to the Court for a recount within nineteen days after the close of the voting station(s).

  • Application for recount ( Notice of Motion)
  • Affidavit alleging reasonable grounds (Evidence)
  • Deposit of $300.00 (Security for costs)

The applicant is not automatically included in this process. The applicant would have to obtain the courts permission to attend the recount.

The Judge's decision is final. The Judge shall prepare a written statement of the recount. This statement is posted in the secretary's office. The judge will return all material to the ballot box and will seal the ballot box and return the ballot box to the secretary.

The Judge will determine who is responsible for costs.

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